For the second time in a row, the POFPP Cinema Team is organizing a spring short film festival! If you are a creator you can also send your movie now! If you are a fan of cinema, we are waiting for you on 12 through 15 of May on the steps of Agios Nikolaos in Patras!

The festival does not have a competitive character and its goal is to show films by as many creators as possible. There will be no cost for submitting a film or attending the festival! Interested parties and participants can be informed about the developments and news of the festival on this site but also from the festival page on Facebook and Instagram

A few words about us

The Cinema Team of the Cultural Groups of the Students of the University of Patras (POFPP) is a group of students but not only, which aspires to bring to the surface the artistic concerns of each individual, through the cinema. The aim of the group is for the members to share their interest and knowledge about cinema and to encourage people with artistic concerns to express themselves through it.

Meetings are held on a weekly basis at POFPP's art-space, with a focus on the technical and artistic parts of the film production process. Special regard is also given to the discussion and exchange of views on films.

Also, one of the main activities of the group is film screenings. In winter, the screenings take place at the same POFPP art-space every week. Also, every year, summer and autumn screenings take place on the steps of Agios Nikolaos, offering an alternative proposal for the evenings of the residents of Patras.

A few words about the Festival

This year we continue to grow our efforts to highlight young artists and filmmakers through the Patras Steps Film Festival. This event aims to encourage young creators to show their films to the public of Patras as well as to offer new cinematic experiences to the viewers. In spirit of this , the public as well as the creators will have free access to the festival.

You will have the opportunity to watch the festival in person in May, on the steps of Agios Nikolaos, if conditions allow due to protection measures COVID-19. Alternatively, the festival will be held at a later date or online in accordance with the relevant information that will be available.

Rules and Terms

You will need to submit your own original work. By submitting a film, you grant us the right to use your work for its promotion and the promotion of the festival for the period of two years. Fiction, documentary and animated films will be accepted, but not films containing product placement or advertising. The production of the film should have been completed by 5 years ago.

In order to participate in the festival, the submission of your film must be completed by April 15, 2022. Up to two films per director will be accepted.

The sender is responsible for clearing permissions and rights on each submission. The festival bears no responsibility. In case the entries exceed the total duration of the festival, our team is responsible for the final selection of the films to be screened.

Our team reserves the right to use the officially selected films or part thereof for festival screening purposes and for future screenings bearing the festival title and the group name.

The participants have the obligation to let us know if they grant the right for online screening of their film in case the festival takes place online.

There will be no cost for submitting, accepting and showing your film. Also, there will be no charge to the viewers who will watch your movie.

Instructions and Requirements for Submission

The film must be submitted through the FilmFreeway page which you will find at the end of the instructions. Additional files requested should be sent to the festival e-mail We suggest that you enter the email address of the festival in your address book so that no e-mail is lost.

The duration of the film should not exceed 30 minutes. The festival reserves the right to accept longer films in exceptional cases.

The movie should be in Full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels). In some cases, movies in HD resolution (1280 × 720 pixels) will also be accepted. Supported encodings will be h.264 also known as MPEG4 in mp4 or mkv file formats.

The audio should be stereo (at least 128kbps) or monaural (at least 96kbps). Any other audio format will not be able to be supported by the festival.

Additionally, a photo or poster related to the A3 poster movie with a resolution of 300dpi must be submitted with the film.

Optionally, a text file with a short description of the film and a few words about the director can be submitted. Also, a photo of the director or the team that created the film would be appreciated.

Due to the open nature of the festival, we suggest that you send us a complete dialogue list of the film in English and in srt file format. 


By April 15, 2022, we invite you to submit your own short film!

The festival will take place on 12 through 15 May at the stairs of Agios Nikolaos in Patras!

After the end of the submission period, the full program will be announced!